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Raid Team Editing!

Dahr-Jay, Sep 3, 11 5:43 PM.
As promised, update for the current guild team:

Divania - Tank (Paladin)
Meadowhoof - Tank (Feral)

Cailana - DPS (Marksmanship)
Dahranok - DPS (Frost)
Mortús - DPS (Arcane)
Sinshuk - DPS (Shadow)
Yinai/Arthy - DPS (Combat/Arcane)

Tarnock - Healer (Restoration)
Harok - Healer (Holy)
Sozeen - Healer (Holy)

Any changes will be discussed by the officers/GL.

Dragonderp, Derp Of Derpagosa!

Dahr-Jay, Aug 29, 11 3:10 AM.
Not sure if anyone picked upon it yesterday, but we have decided to give the first Dragonwrath to Sinshuk (Doesn't cost 20k gold for this Ryan ;D) due to the immense benefit it'll give him. He's got one ember, lets get cracking and shove some more down his neck!

Weekly Update!

Dahr-Jay, Aug 28, 11 7:05 PM.
I'm fucking off to London until next reset, so I wont be able to comment on any further progress, but a generic progress update:

Shannox - S.C.A.D
Beth'Tilac - N/A
Rhyolith - N/A
Alysrazor - N/A
Baleroc - In Progress As Of 29/8
Majorhomo Faghelm - N/A
Ragnar-o's - N/A

I'll up date next reset with further progress!

Shannox Lewts:
Crystal Prison Band - Sinshuk
Gloves of Dissolving Smoke - Meadowhoof
Eternal Ember - Sinshuk

Progression Update!

Dahr-Jay, Aug 23, 11 1:15 PM.
Well, we had a fair stab at Firelands on Sunday. Very good attempts were made and overall the mood was quite good. apart from Ryan trying to bug the wall around Baleroc's compound while we were the other side of the map killing trash to spawn Shannox

Overall Progress Report:

Boss - Phase - Lowest Health

Shannox - Into Final Phase - 21%
Beth'Tilac - Final Phase - 34%

Will give a new report on our Firelands progression every Tuesday from now. Catch you next week!


Heroic Mode News!

Dahr-Jay, Aug 16, 11 12:59 PM.
As some of you may have found out from our Guild Leader. After clearing our 12/12 of Normal T11 bosses, we're going to start working on Heroic Modes. These were not nerfed in any way, shape or form and are not for the feint of heart. Any people wishing to apply to the HCT11 Raiding Team needs to send a message to either Cailana or any of the officer teams stating that they wish to apply.

Don't apply if you're going to need the tactics explained to you before every fight. We want things to go smooth, so having prior knowledge of the fight is essential. Going from a 24m Health Magmaw in normal to a 47M health Magmaw (plus extra difficulties during the fight) is not easy and so we want dedication, concentration and above all, the capacity to listen when told to. Don't assume that this is just another faceroll.

As I mentioned earlier, Magmaw Heroic has 47(ish) Million health. Shannox Normal has 26 million. Now you see why we only want those willing to put in the full 110% into our raids. Good luck to you all, and hope to see you on the inside!

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